What we do

We help our clients build high-performing teams through the use of innovative employee deployment strategies


Employee recruitment is the traditional activity of companies such as ours in which we source and locate the best calibre of individual that exactly matches the profile of our clients.

Front view portrait of four business executives

Business Diversity


Our digital strategy is driven by the increasing numbers of young Net-Gen job seekers coming onto the job market. Our online applications; CV’s ‘R Us and CV Shop Window all aid job seekers in accessing a wider range of available positions via the internet.


P-Log is a technologically advanced online time and attendance and productivity management tool that enables employers to interface from any clock-in device, access control, login or security system through our proprietary software into any payroll system via the internet.




TalentPond is our newly-developed online recruitment portal which allows employers and job seekers to search for available positions and interact directly. Users pay a small subscription for access to the portal.